Properties to Let

Domestic Government Properties

A number of former Government quarters are now available for leasing.

Please click the names of any of the following developments to see the details:

Properties owned by The Financial Secretary Incorporated
Properties owned by The Government of HKSAR
  1. The properties are leased on “as-is” condition. Tenants are required to accept the properties in such state and condition as existing on the date on which possession of the properties is given. Prospective tenants are therefore advised to inspect the properties carefully before submitting the rental offers. Property inspection can be arranged through any of the Agency's appointed estate agents listed below.
  2. The properties are generally leased for a fixed term of two years. However, please note the relevant early termination clause which may enable the tenant or the landlord to give 1-month's notice to the other party to terminate the tenancy after the initial 12-month period, i.e., minimum lease term is 13 months.
  3. There is no guarantee that the tenancy will be renewed or extended upon its natural expiry.
  4. Tenant is required to keep all the interior of the property in good tenantable and proper repair condition (fair wear and tear excepted). This includes the installations, fixtures and fittings provided or affixed to the premises by the landlord at the commencement of or during the term of the tenancy including, but not limited to, all doors, windows and electric wiring installations.
  5. The tenant is required to observe the provisions of the DMC (for FSI owned properties) or the house rules (for HKSAR Government owned properties) throughout the term of his tenancy.
  6. Prospective tenant is strongly advised to peruse the sample tenancy agreement which is available from the appointed estate agents before submitting his rental offer.
  7. For corporate tenants, its director is required to provide personal guarantee.
  8. Announcement on new properties for lease will be issued at 5pm on Fridays as appropriate.

Anyone interested in renting the property(ies) is welcome to approach any of the Agency's appointed estate agents listed below. They will provide you with up-to-date position of the properties available; explain to you the basic terms of the tenancy; arrange for your inspection of the properties; and assist you to complete the necessary leasing document. Please click here to obtain more information about the available properties.

Appointed Estate Agents (Business Name, if different) Contact Telephone Number
A-Good Trading Company Limited (A-Good Property) 5700 1611
Asia Pacific Properties Mobility Limited   2281 7836
Bloomrich Financial And Property Consultants Limited   2522 8300
Centaland Group Limited (Century 21 Centaland Property)  2886 2203
Centaline Property Agency Limited   2868 2886
Century 21 Alliances Realty Limited   6300 9901
Century 21 Group Limited   2869 7221
Century 21 Mid-level West Realty Limited (Century 21 Q Power (CWB) / Century 21 Q Power (KLN) / Century 21 Q Power (Yuen Long) / Q Power Property (SK)) 2810 1622
Crown World Mobility Limited   2876 2653
D Property Consultants Limited (Century 21 D Property Consultants) 2337 2999
Dwellworks Hong Kong Limited   2245 3344
EC Property Consultancy Limited   9343 4678
Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited   2865 7323
Frame Well Property Agency Limited   2882 8128
Global Land Property Consultants Limited   2833 9000
Grand Fortune Property Consultants Limited   2891 8133 /
9021 8819
Grand Pacific Property (Hong Kong) Limited   2866 2667 /
9746 4888
Habitat Property Limited   2110 4733
Happy Properties Agency Limited   9047 8528
Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) Limited (Hong Kong Property) 2801 4930
Househunters Limited   9642 7379 /
2869 1001
HW Homes & Real Estate Services Limited   6591 1437
Interwave Technologies Limited   9573 0704
Leung Alexander Hin Shing (Insight Property Consultants) 5572 7431
Island Property Consultancy Limited   2155 2882
Joyce Link Property Limited (View More Estate Agent Company) 2833 6682
K & K Estate Limited   9300 4800
Keychains (HK) Asset Management Limited   9850 8003
Keywharf 360 Limited (KEYS) 2651 3360
Knight Frank Hong Kong Limited (Knight Frank) 2846 9550
Landmark Asia Realty Limited   2506 1008
Landscope Real Estate Services Limited   2821 0913
Landscope Realty Limited    2866 0022
Links Realty Limited   2123 1622
List International Realty Limited (List Sotheby's International Realty) 2157 9747
Manks Quarters Limited   2522 5114
Midland Realty International Limited (Midland Realty) 2801 4930
Oasis Property Consultants Limited   2110 3739
Okay Property Agency Limited   2102 0828
Parklane Property Agency Limited (Parklane Property)  2838 8829
Professional Properties (Happy Valley) Limited   2840 0889
Professional Properties Limited (Professional Properties Co) 2840 1830
Proway Relocation and Real Estate Services Limited   2821 0913
PSA (HK) Surveyors Limited   3521 1793
Quality Homes Limited   9426 1675
Ricacorp Properties Limited   3103 5602
Savills (Hong Kong) Limited   2840 4728 /
9462 1239 /
2842 4491 /
9377 9992
Sirmans International Limited   3162 8646 /
9643 4006
Unique Home Limited   2880 0709
United Properties Limited (United Properties) 3188 0828
Universal Alliance Property Consultants Limited   2523 2803
Victoria Harbour Property Limited   5395 7780
VJI Limited (Engel & Voelkers) 3997 3200
Wung Kee Property Consultant Limited   9607 3999

Upon successful letting of the property, an agency fee not more than 50% of the transacted monthly rental may be payable by the tenant to the estate agent.