Government Properties

Surplus Government Accommodation

The current list of surplus government accommodation ("SGA") available for leasing to non-governmental organisations ("NGO"s) is appended below. Please note that all the information in the list is for reference only.
Property Address Photo/
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Available Area
(m² approx.)
Declared Monument /
Grading of Historic Building
Managing Department and Contact Number Remarks

SGA may be leased out for use by NGO provided that policy support is provided from the relevant Government policy bureau/department (“B/D”). An NGO who is interested to lease SGA should submit an application to the relevant policy B/D for consideration. For details of information required for applications and site inspection arrangement, please contact the relevant policy B/D. For enquiries on which policy B/D may be relevant to the proposed services to be provided at the SGA, please contact this Agency for assistance.

NGOs leasing government accommodation should normally pay market rent, and subject to other terms and charges payable in respect of the government accommodation occupied. Depending on the merits of individual applications, granting of nominal rent may be considered if this is supported by the relevant B/D.

This Agency is responsible for providing and updating on this page a list of SGA for which our assistance is being sought for potential users. Where appropriate, the Agency will provide relevant advice and assistance to the B/Ds concerned with a view to facilitating the process for making gainful use of SGA.

please contact the Agency - Ms. Kennis Wong, Assistant Technical Secretary, at 3842 6892 or Mr. Clarence LAM, Technical Secretary, at 3842 6883 Ms. Kennis Wong, Assistant Technical Secretary(Tel: 3842 6892 or
Mr. Clarence LAM, Technical Secretary(Tel: 3842 6883).
For enquiries regarding the particulars of properties concerned, please contact the respective managing department as shown in the list above.

In addition, there are some vacant school premises under the management of the Lands Department that are available for application for short term uses. Please click here to access the relevant information published by the Lands Department on its website.

To facilitate the gainful use of vacant government sites (including vacant school premises on government land), the Development Bureau launched a funding scheme in February 2019 with earmarked $1 billion to provide NGOs with financial support to take forward worthy projects on these sites on short term tenancy. The funding scheme would provide NGOs with subsidies to pursue one-off, basic, and essential capital works required to make the vacant sites/premises fit for a variety of short-term community, institutional, or other non-profit making uses. The funding scheme is also applicable to SGA. An NGO which has already secured in-principle approval from relevant authorities for leasing SGA and meets other eligibility criteria may make an application for funding support. Please click here for details about the funding scheme launched by the Development Bureau.

Besides, a funding scheme to support transitional housing projects by NGOs was launched by the Task Force on Transitional Housing (“Task Force”) under the Housing Bureau in June 2020 with $5 billion earmarked to facilitate NGOs to take forward worthy transitional housing projects. The funding scheme will provide financial support for NGOs to carry out the works required to make fit the potential sites/premises, including those of SGA, for transitional housing projects on a one-off basis. An NGO which has already secured in-principle policy support from the Task Force for undertaking the transitional housing project may make an application for funding support. Please click here for details about the funding scheme launched by the Task Force.