Government Properties

Property Management

The Government Property Agency is responsible for the management of mainly general-use joint-user government offices, quarters developments, ex-departmental/specialist premises under temporary care-taking by the Agency and some miscellaneous premises. Over the past several years, this Agency has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its property management services.

The Government Property Agency consolidates its property portfolio into six property management services contracts:
Year Awarded Area Name of Contractor
- - -

These six contractors will provide comprehensive and quality management services to the properties under their respective management with reference to the Service Level Specifications specified in the contracts. Evaluation of the contractors' performance is processed by means of half-yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey, site inspection reports and feedback of end users.

Please press the following buttons for viewing the locations under the six contracts.

Location Filming at the Properties managed by the Agency

A fee is charged for the use of Agency-managed properties for commercial location filming. The current rate is HK$6,640 for the first four-hour block and HK$1,890 for each subsequent four-hour block. Application forms and guidance notes can be downloaded from our "Public Forms" section. Please click here to access.